The early works of Eimutis Markūnas are known for their abstract expression, the use of oil paint, painting on different surfaces – wood panels, metal, canvas, paper. During this period, the artist’s work is full of colors, references to ethnic art, mystical constructs, the works vary depending on the environment, non-traditional forms and materials are used. The artist holds expression, emotion in his paintings very important.

The latter half of the artist’s works is supplemented with new materials – the pigments of both graphite and cobalt. Especially large-size wood panels are used. The feature of the artist’s creative remains the same – an expressive gesture, which creates a deep, meditative effect. The act of painting is important in and of itself, in order to extract the maximum possible mastery of the technique. The basis of his creations are the artist’s personal experiences and literature.

E. Markūnas also creates using paper and canvas. The paintings are used in installations, objects, combining projections and other modern technologies. Color and gesture painting principles are used during performances as well.

Eimutis Markūnas