Eimutis Markūnas uses ready-made objects, the objects of the installations often are the subjects of our work environment, taken from a context that is close to the artist and adapted to an environment that gives them the opposite meaning. Also, the artist does not avoid working with organic materials, whose decay/deterioration/degradation process becomes the base of the installation.

The objects are conceptual, reflecting both individual ambitions and adapted topical Lithuanian or foreign context. Ideas are often drawn from literature or history. The installations created by the artist only exist when they are adapted to spaces specifically befitting them, depending on the maximum exploitation of space in order to obtain the best result.

While developing installations, the combination of different techniques are seamlessly blended, painting, prints, ceramics, textiles and photography or video art is woven together. Size ranges from very massive to miniature objects. It is important to the artist to talk through form, color and idea. Installation and objects become signs which create a new and unique language.

Eimutis Markūnas